ahhhh marriage

J: "Tell me something I don't know about North Carolina"
*2 heart beats*
C: "There's a county named Transylvania"
*6 beats*
J: "Not only did I not know that, but that's actually sort of interesting."

after a few moments....

J: Tell me something else.
C: Uhh... just over 8 million people in the state
J: That's not really there. That's not very interesting.
C: About the same number of people as the DFW metro plex
J: Hmmmm
C: I don't remeber any wedding vows about "Must be able to come up w/ interesting facts about the state of North Carolina on demand."
J: Wasn't there something about obey? I command you to tell me something interesting!
C: Oh no, there wasn't *anything* about obey!
J: You changed it so I had to obey, didn't you?

*a minute later...*

J: Did we have the same vows?
C: Yes, we had the same vows.

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