This goes in the: "You have got to be kidding me" file

Today I got a dunning letter from Connecticut Student Loan Foundation (the people who get your student loans @ Yale when Sallie Mae won't let you have money.)

Anyway, it says I'm past due and owe 26.05$

Now, I KNOW this isn't correct. I know this b/c since CALS couldn't manage to apply single payment checks properly (I would send in one payment, LIKE I'M SUPPOSED TO, and they would apply extra to some loans and none to others - sending some into over payment and others into past due... multiple multiple times), I send them 4 checks each month.

That's 4 bill pays set up on my account with the bank, sending 4 checks, each check with the sub-account number on it TWICE.

The oh-my-god-you-let-these-people-loose-with-social-security-numbers-and-routing-accounts-cals-employees crossed out my account number and wrote another one on.

I know this b/c my bank has scans of my checks, which I have now printed off.

So one of my payments not only didn't get credited to the correct account, it didn't get credited to ANY of my accounts.

Meaning I have to call them tomorrow. I hate calling them. They are awful, awful, awful.

I have a lot of meetings tomorrow, I hope I get an actual lunch break so I CAN call them.

But the conversation is going to be along these lines, "well, you'll have to prove it to us, and maybe we will fix it in a few months, but we won't tell you that we have."

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