Bad Design - Traffic Signs

There are two of these signs on HWY 183 West in DFW. HWY 183 is a major artery. Anyone coming into DFW Airport and going south to Dallas or Fort Worth has been on this road, as well as it being one of the major arteries to the north FW suburbs.

Anyway, the signs say two things:

"Move over
or slow down.
It's the law."

So you FREAK out when you're driving (there's a lot of construction for the past 7 years on this part of 183), and try and get out of the left lane.

THEN it flips to the second screen
"if emergency
stopped ahead"


Normally they say things like, "Amber Altert - White Pinto" or "Accident at 360, use alt. route." So when it says, "slow down or move over" you slow down and move over.

I was driving in rush hour when they switched to these signs. There was, quite literally, a traffic jam due to the poor wording of these signs. Luckily no one actually came to a screeching halt, but it was a near thing. Can't anyone come up w/ a phrase that will fit the whole thing on one screen? They rotate slowly, too. You can't read both screens in one drive by.

Additionally, should there be, say, a huge pothole and people DO need to move over or get out of a lane, this is going to cause the Peter and the Wolf effect and people will think it's just another broken message.

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