I've thought about this

I want to sell and get rid of every Microsoft and other certification book in the house. (they are all old)

I'm going to spend about 200$ on the Project Manager Certification books. I want to study for and pass that exam. There's a couple of good study guides out there and PMI added a level of PM for people who pass the test and don't have 60 months of "project leadership"

The exam itself is another $300. I have no idea if my job will pay me back. I don't, really, at this point care. It's the only certification that makes sense to add to the MBA.

I just need to a)fill out the paperwork (hey, I can do that online) b)register for the test and c)pass it. Most of this stuff is just vocab. The topics were part of the MBA. And you only have to get a 69% to pass.

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