Yeah... Another Dead Blog

I think there's a ton of good stuff here, so I'm not taking it down, but I'm not posting here anymore, either.  All my posting is on Google+ now....


Wait, What? Why??

I needed lunch.

I ordered lunch (and a couple days extra lunches).

And then I noticed one of those, "wait, what?" moments.

If you click on something on this site to add it to your pizza (in my case, by mistake green peppers, as well as tomato and chicken) then remove it (allergic, too cheap, too cheap)... it shows up on your receipt.

As, "no {whatever}."  Which makes sense, if your computer isn't smart enough to recognize "Hawaiian BBQ Chicken without BBQ Sauce," but makes no sense if there's no "standard menu item" involved.

In this case it's costing Domino's another pizza -- which I await now -- without green peppers.  Since the guy making it somehow saw the "no" in front of tomato and chicken, but not green peppers... which would make me very, very ill.

What was the developer thinking?!

You can think about big enterprises, and probably get the sinking feeling that this happens on a daily basis but none of the lowly franchise employees have a means or the clout to get it fixed with The Pizza Mothership Web Development team.


Taking a Seat on a Panel Does Not Mean You're Right

Back in the mists of time, I attended a networking event for women in IT & Engineering* in DFW.

The event was about findings jobs (I was quietly looking at the time) and they had a panel.  The panel was accepting anonymous questions.

So, I asked the panel if any of them had ever disguised their gender on their resume.

One of the panel members became rabid at the concept of doing that.  She went as far as to say if she ever knew another woman did that, she would do her best to block that woman from ever getting hired (boy, I was glad the questions were anonymous.)

She seemed to take it as a personal affront that anyone might think that discrimination still exists.

There's a study that was recently published in Discover.  The study seems to point out that maybe using your initials on your resume isn't such a horrible thing, despite what Rabid Panel Lady said.

Fake CVs reveal discrimination against Muslims in French job market

Yes, this was a study of race and religion in France, but I think follow up studies in the US based on gender, race, and disability would be similarly revealing.

*Well, it was supposed to be IT & Engineering as our Web group had merged with an Engineering group.  Until I went to an event, and was sneered at for not being an Engineer and couldn't find any of the other Web women... never went again.


Oh Thank the Googles....

There's now spam reporting and identification in Blogger comments.  Hip, hip, hooray.  I only had 64 spam and 2 legit comments...

Now to find time to actually, you know, blog stuff.


Fun with Picasa

We uploaded some of our photos into Picasa®.

Picasa® has facial recognition.

What you don't realize when you turn that on is that it will find ALL the "faces" on your computer.

For example, it went wild until we told it to skip the Sims® installation.

It also found the following:

This is part of our baby's jumper toy!

Picasa® also found a familiar face in the background of my China pictures.

But the highlight, better than all the rest, is a fellow we have labeled, "Nose Picker."

You can try and hide behind the iron (bronze?) statuary... but Picasa® is going to find you!